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Tami O'Connor - Educational Innovations

by: Tami O’Connor

What Do You Do For a Living?

We’ve all been to dinner parties or gatherings where we hear that age-old question.  I had struggled with that for years—not because people didn’t understand my job title at Educational Innovations, but because my title didn’t convey what exactly I do here.

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Poetry + Science = Wow!

Educational Innovations Blog

By Donna Giachetti

A few months ago, a colleague at Educational Innovations shared with me a poetry web page he thought I’d enjoy.  It was a joyful little corner of the Internet called Elemental Haiku.  (Thanks, Ted!)  The author, Mary Soon Lee, composed 119 science haiku – a poem for each element in the Periodic Table. 

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Battleship Science!

Ted Beyer, Educational Innovations, Inc.

By Ted Beyer

You may be familiar with the game Battleship!  The version most people recall includes two plastic folding boards (red and blue) plus two sets of grey plastic ships and pegs.  It was released by Milton Bradley in 1967.  I had a set myself—a birthday present in 1969 (yeah, I’m that old).  The objective of the game is to sink your opponent’s ships.

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Blown Away with Databot at ISTA!

By Robert O. Grover

Not too long ago, we traveled to North Idaho and the beautiful town of Coeur d’Alene where the annual Idaho Science Teachers Association (ISTA) was holding the great Idaho STEM Together!  Over 300 educators and STEM enthusiasts showed up to partake in activities, professional development sessions, and field trips.  Of course Team databot was there!

As advertised, we held a competition to see who could deliver the highest CO2 level possible.  The prize for the highest level?  A complete databot kit! Read the rest of this entry »

Neuroscience, Wow! Record Electrical Signals from your Heart, Brain and Eyes

by Will Wharton

At Backyard Brains, our goal is to make advanced science simple!  We develop low-cost versions of high-tech devices to make entry-level neuroscience and human physiology experiments available to everyone.

New to Educational Innovations is Backyard Brains’ Heart and Brain SpikerBox.  This simple device makes it easy for teachers and students to record electrical signals from your heart, brain, and eyes—making previously “advanced” science experiments much more accessible for all. Read the rest of this entry »