EI TV – Winter Science!

EI TV - Educational Innovations BlogWinter Science Videos that Sizzle!

Taking your class outdoors may not be an option in winter, but showing videos that explore the wintry world is a great way to explore winter science!

If you come across a video you’d like us to add to this list, leave us a comment below!

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Winter Science Discussion Starters

Discussion Starters - Educational Innovations NewsletterIf you have a favorite winter science lesson or activity, please leave us a comment below!

Thanks to Julie Olson, President SDSTA, for sharing two excellent discussion starters related to winter:

  • Which will melt first: a snowman with or without a coat?
  • Is the commercial “melting snowman” really melting?

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Winter Science Humor

Science Humor - Educational Innovations NewsletterWhy not insert a bit of winter science humor into your next quiz or homework page?  Extra points for students who guess the right answers to our riddles!

If you have a favorite cartoon or joke, we invite you to share it as a comment below.

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Winter Science Lesson

Lesson - Educational Innovations BlogLooking for an engaging winter science lesson?  How about a blubber mitt?  It’s a great way to explore many subjects:  thermodynamics, animal adaptation, insulating properties, density, and perception, to name just a few.

If you’re teaching animal adaptation, your students may also be interested in this Top Ten Hibernators list, from cold-blooded animals such as frogs to mammals like prairie dogs.


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Winter Science in the News

Here in our headquarters in Bethel, Connecticut, when we think of winter, we inevitably think of snow and teeth-chattering cold.  But winter is also the perfect time to stay indoors and catch up on your reading.

If you come upon an interesting science news article, please share it with us in the comments below.

Let’s look at some winter science in the news!

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