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Taking your class outdoors may not be an option in winter, but showing videos that explore the wintry world is a great way to explore winter science!

If you come across a video you’d like us to add to this list, leave us a comment below!

A team of Canadian iciclologists (!) disproved the long-held theory that all icicles should, by and large, assume the same uniform, platonic icicle shape.    The Science News article, titled As the Icicle Turns, includes several videos that demonstrate how differently icicles can develop under different conditions.  A wonderful way to start a conversation about predictions and variations!

Take your students on a cyber-tour of the cryosphere, courtesy of NASA.   This video presentation uses several years’ worth of satellite data to illustrate how our planet’s icebergs, glaciers and frozen regions are changing.

Watching a bubble freeze is simply mesmerizing.  Photographer Chris Ratzlaff offers his own bubble recipe and technique.

A 27-second demonstration of the polar jet stream.  For more on the polar vortex and how it relates to the extreme cold weather, check out our Winter Science in the News link.

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