Gadgetoff 2009

Ken Byrneby:  Ken Byrne

Ron Perkins and I had the privilege of being invited to share some of our favorite EI products at Gadgetoff 2009. Gadgetoff is an exhibition that includes people on the cutting edge, not just of technology, but also science, the arts, education, and the future in general.

There were so many amazing presentations that I don’t know Gadgetoff trebuchetwhich one was my favorite. Much of what we saw was just plain fun. There were two variations on an amusement park carousel, only they were powered by pulse jets. We also got to see pumpkins hurled by a trebuchet that must have been eighteen times the size Read the rest of this entry »

Goldenrod Paper

Ron Perkinsby: Ron Perkins

Color changing goldenrod paper has been exciting students of all ages for decades to the wonders of chemistry! Imagine the enthusiasm of the first student or teacher who spilled a few drops of ammonia on a piece of yellow paper and observed it turn bright red! One can only image them exclaiming: “Super, Wow, Neat!!!”

Place the paper in a solution of household baking soda and the paper turns red; immerse it in vinegar and the red turns back to yellow! This goldenrod paper is colored with a dye that is an acid/base indicator: red in base and yellow in acid. The paper is similar to litmus paper that is blue in base and red in acid. Read the rest of this entry »