Wilesco Steam Engines

Ted Beyer, Educational Innovations

By Ted Beyer

Educational Innovations has carried Wilesco model steam engines off and on for years.  But why?  They’re just toys, right?  Well, no—they are so very much more.

If you apply some critical thinking to a steam engine and its accessories, you will discover that you have a wonderful practical demonstration of a bunch of scientific principles, many of which are pretty basic.

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No Place Like Home… for SCIENCE!

Donna Giachetti, Educational Innovations

By Donna Giachetti

In this season of COVID-19, “at home learning” has taken on a vastly different meaning.  These days, if you have a school-aged child, you’re facing a slew of new challenges.  How do you help your child stay on track with her digital classroom work?  Where can you find learning tools that are meaningful AND fun?  And how will you keep your kids’ minds engaged during the summer months?

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