“Keep It Simple” Science Ideas

Educational Innovations Blog

By Jared Hottenstein

I imagine every science teacher has occasionally wrestled with the urge to “Go Big or Go Home.”  Who doesn’t want to deliver a majestic display of science that leaves our students speechless?  But I’d like to propose another well-known expression: “Keep It Simple, Stupid.”  (Actually, I’m going to soften it to “Keep It Simple Science.”)

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Your Custom Idea Is Our Mission!

Donna Giachetti, Educational Innovations

By Donna Giachetti

Even our most devoted customers may not realize that Educational Innovations is a leader when it comes to creating custom science kits upon request.  Sure, we have a catalog with hundreds of products, but in truth, there’s no limit to what we can offer our customers.  Have an idea for a hands-on kit featuring feathers, magnets, ping pong balls and pipets?  Sure!  Need delivered to your students’ home?  No problem!

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