Teaching at Home? Adaptation is Key

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By Donna Giachetti

Adaptation. As science teachers, we know what it means.  According to Biology Online, adaptation is “the process or the state of adjusting or changing to become more suited to an environment; the trait as a result of the process.” 

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Gadgetoff 2009

Ken Byrneby:  Ken Byrne

Ron Perkins and I had the privilege of being invited to share some of our favorite EI products at Gadgetoff 2009. Gadgetoff is an exhibition that includes people on the cutting edge, not just of technology, but also science, the arts, education, and the future in general.

There were so many amazing presentations that I don’t know Gadgetoff trebuchetwhich one was my favorite. Much of what we saw was just plain fun. There were two variations on an amusement park carousel, only they were powered by pulse jets. We also got to see pumpkins hurled by a trebuchet that must have been eighteen times the size Read the rest of this entry »

Science is a Verb!!!

Tami O'Connorby: Tami O’Connor

Published in 1996, the National Science Standards were written with the hopes of guiding our nation toward becoming a more scientifically literate society. One key point made is that science is an active process. Science is something students do… it is not something done to them.

Science is a verb!

Since the incorporation of Educational Innovations 15 years ago, this has been our mantra. The products we sell are selected because, as science teachers ourselves, we recognize the importance of motivating students of all ages and engaging them in the process of learning science safely, and in a way that when they return home after a long grueling day of school, the topic of discussion at their dinner table centers around the science activity that was experienced in your classroom! It just doesn’t get any better than that.

Science is a Verb