Is Hydropower a Renewable Energy Source?

Roy Bentley, Educational InnovationsBy Roy Bentley and Ken Crawford

There are so many things happening in the world of energy these days.  One only needs to watch the news or Google the word “energy” to find myriad examples and discussions of pipelines, carbon footprints, windmills, climate change and more.

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The Mysterious Floating Golf Ball – A Density Experiment

Linda Dunnavantby: Linda Dunnavant

A Density Experiment

Do you have to teach density as part of your curriculum?  If so, look no further than this “floating” golf ball lab!  Your students will be engaged and hopefully even amazed at how density affects the world around them.

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Super Science Kids, Unite!

Donna Giachetti, Educational InnovationsBy Donna Giachetti

In a time when it seems there’s more bad news than good, we’d like to share a story that makes us grin ear-to-ear.  Take heart, science lovers!  The future of scientific learning is alive and well—in the small form of a nine-year-old girl from Georgia.

Angelica Krubeck is the founder of Super Science Kids, a new nonprofit whose mission is to “teach and engage at-risk children and youth (in shelters and in the foster care system) into the field of science.”  According to her website,, it all started in February 2016, as Angelica began to mold her plans for a volunteer program that would serve at-risk children who might not otherwise have a chance to explore—and most of all, enjoy—science.

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