Unlocking STEAM Power

Educational Innovations Blog

By Jared Hottenstein

Construction paper…  Scissors…  Colored markers…  Glue sticks…  These simple materials can unlock a world of science for kids to explore.  These days, STEM initiatives are already shaping how kids understand science.  But now, with the educational shift to online learning, we’re looking at the perfect opportunity to add “Arts” to STEM.  In other words, full STEAM ahead!

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Using Scientific Research Articles as a Teaching Tool

By Srividhya Sundaram

How can I connect my students with the latest scientific research in an engaging, unforgettable way?  I have often wrestled with this question.  While some of my attempts to bring scientific research articles into my classroom have failed, there are others that do the job nicely.  In fact, a few efforts stand out!  That’s what I would like to share with you:  an effective way to use science articles as a tool that makes student comprehension more visible… and offers curious young minds a valuable peek into the world of research.

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