Learning About Light

MARTY SAGENDORFby: Marty Sagendorf

Light is magic stuff: it has no mass, it comes in many colors, it has energy, it can be emitted and absorbed, but it can’t be saved in a bottle or bucket.  Even though we can’t ‘save’ it, we can explore the many ways that light behaves around us.  We are told, or we read, about reflection, refraction, and the many other properties of light’s interaction with objects, but until we actually experience these we really don’t fully appreciate ‘the magic of light’.

Let’s start learning about light!

That’s what this Optics Kit, from Educational Innovations, allows us to do – experience light by doing.  This kit provides the necessary components to perform extensive investigations – ten are completely detailed – and new ideas for experimentation will naturally develop as optics principles become familiar.


Let’s begin with something we see every day:


Start by drawing a line along, and one-half inch from, the long side of a piece of 8-1/2”x11” white paper.  At the mid-point of this line, draw a perpendicular line extending across the paper.  This line represents a ‘NORMAL’ to the mirror’s surface.

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Teacher Lesson Plans

photo copy 2Help Us “Lesson” Our Impact on the Environment

by: Michael Finney

As you may know, Educational Innovations offers lesson plans and activities for many of our Super! Wow! Neat!® products. Designed with practical classroom application in mind, these lesson plans and activities require minimal effort or outside materials. They are suitable for in-home use, as well, though some supervision may be required. Some of our products feature lesson plan ideas for different grade levels.  Many of our products and lessons also align with the NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards) correlations.

In the past, we’ve included print-outs in the box with your shipment.  To facilitate the continual updating of our lesson plans and to “lesson” our impact on the environment, however, we are discontinuing this practice.


Now, our lesson plans and activities associated with many products will be available only by download from their individual product page on our website.  It’s the same information, of course, but available to you in a more ‘eco-friendly’ format.  Just click on the file folder tab titled, “Lesson Ideas”.

When you receive your order, look for “+” signs in front of the descriptions for all your awesome new science goodies.  It’s a reminder that your materials have a free, downloadable lesson waiting for you online!

Please consider the environment before printing out multiple copies.  This is a great opportunity to foster teamwork and cooperation by asking students to share any plans that you do print.