Science is a Verb!!!

Tami O'Connor, Educational Innovationsby: Tami O’Connor

Published in 1996, the National Science Standards were written with the hopes of guiding our nation toward becoming a more scientifically literate society. One key point made is that science is an active process. Science is something students do… it is not something done to them.

Science is a verb!

Since the incorporation of Educational Innovations 15 years ago, this has been our mantra. The products we sell are selected because, as science teachers ourselves, we recognize the importance of motivating students of all ages and engaging them in the process of learning science safely, and in a way that when they return home after a long grueling day of school, the topic of discussion at their dinner table centers around the science activity that was experienced in your classroom! It just doesn’t get any better than that.

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  1. Amos Hendershott says:

    Ms. O’Connor

    I fully support the drive for a more scientifically literate society. But it should not come at the expense of literacy of the Grammars of the English language. A verb is not an idea or a way of approaching a concept; a verb is a part of speech. To say that “science is something” is to acknowledge that it is a thing, a noun.
    On the other hand, I fully support making science a verb in the literal sense. We should encourage kids to science. Sciencing (gerund form of the verb) is an active process. Sciencing is something that students do etc. This way science is truly a verb in use and form rather than “verb (sic)” in concept.

    Amos Hendershott

    • Tami O'Connor says:

      Dear Mr. Hendershott,

      Your point about grammar is well taken. We do recognize that proper English is just as important as proper science. To emphasize that science is active and evolving, however, we did take some poetic license in calling it a verb. I hope you and other conscientious readers will forgive us.

      Incidentally, you may have noticed the recent advertising campaign by the Vanguard mutual fund company which coins the odd term “Vanguarding.” This was apparently done to connote a particular style or technique for managing money. Similarly, the word Google quickly evolved into a verb, meaning to seek information with that search engine.

      In any event, as we continue our ongoing process of editing and upgrading our materials, we will be mindful of your comments. And, thank you again for your close reading of our text!


      Tami O’Connor

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