You Said It! Winter Science Product Reviews

You Said It! Product Reviews - Educational Innovations NewsletterFor many of us, winter is a time for staying indoors.  But that doesn’t mean the learning stops!  There are many hands-on demonstrations and activities that we can share with our students during the colder months.   These popular science materials will keep your students’ interest percolating all winter long.  Read on for rave winter science product reviews from science teachers, parents, and self-proclaimed science geeks.

If you have a favorite Educational Innovations product, send us a comment below!  We’d love to share your review with your fellow teachers and science lovers.

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Clever Science Gifts from Santa

Priscilla Robinson, Educational Innovationsby:  Priscilla Robinson

Remembrances of Gifts Past

If I look back upon the presents that had the greatest influence on me, they were all gifts that made me wonder, encouraged me to play cooperatively, or gave me a sense of confidence and independence.  Those same values have often trickled into my lessons as a science teacher, my priorities as a parent, and even the way I play with my grandchildren.

Many of us are working hard to raise a generation of thinkers, doers, and life-long learners… but do we have enough time in our busy days to make the kinds of smart holiday purchases that will help carry that forward?  How much multi-tasking can one mere mortal manage?

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