Wild Animal Webcam Ideas

Educational Innovations Blog

By Jared Hottenstein

Of all the branches of science we teach, life science presents the greatest hands-on challenges.  You can always pick up a classroom set of Educational Innovations’ Owl Pellets, but bringing live animals into the classroom is a tricky proposition.  Online learning is the perfect opportunity for students to explore the world of life science—especially through a streaming webcam!  Think of it as your students getting the chance to watch “life science celebrities.”  Students can tune in once a day—or once a week—to see what new snack mama eagle brought back to the nest. 

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Frog Competition Chaos

By Julie Pollard

“When am I going to ever use this?”  “Why do I even need to know this?”  These questions are the bane of the science teacher’s existence—or at least of mine.  Even though science is woven into every aspect of every day of our lives, my middle schoolers just can’t seem to make that leap.  They’re like frogs who don’t know how to jump. They still think of science as something done by nerds in white coats in labs.

During our unit on ecosystems and competition, my students seem to struggle with the concept of competition for abiotic factors.  They have no problem relating to the predator-and-prey, competition-for-food aspect of competition—which makes sense, if you’ve ever watched eighth grade boys racing for the last slice of pizza.