Back to School 2019 News

Whether you’re teaching elementary school or at the college level, you know that preparing for a new school year is always a roller coaster.  There’s no end to your To-Do list but (hopefully) you’re also feeling revved up about returning to the classroom.  For this issue of News, we’re sharing articles and websites we hope will give you a chuckle or a useful tip as you prepare to go back to school.  Enjoy!

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You Said It! Back to School 2019 Product Reviews

You Said It! Product Reviews - Educational Innovations Newsletter

It’s one of the realities of being a teacher: you can never have enough pencils, stickers or motivational goodies to hand out on special occasions.

Our safety equipment, timers, coffee mugs and colorful lab coats are year-round favorites, but they’re especially popular at the beginning of a school year.  Read on for rave reviews from science teachers, parents, and self-proclaimed science geeks.

If you have a favorite Educational Innovations product, let us know!  We’d love to share your review with your fellow teachers and science lovers.

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25 Years of Educational Innovations

Ted Beyer, Educational Innovations, Ted Beyer

For some of us, 1994 does not seem that long ago.  For others, 25 years is a lifetime or more ago.  1994 was the year that Ron Perkins—a high school AP Chemistry and Physics teacher in Connecticut—realized that he might have hit upon a great idea.  Ron was well known in science educational circles for his creative and engaging science workshops for teachers.  It was common for educators captivated by his presentations to ask where they, too, could get the materials he demonstrated.  Why not provide them a source?  Partnering with a former student, Ron founded Educational Innovations.

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The Small, HUGE World of databot™

by Robert O. Grover

Educational Innovations is delighted to introduce the databot™.  This little cube may be small, but it’s a fantastically powerful tool for all kinds of scientific research.

In this blog we have highlighted some of the awesome ideas folks have submitted for how they would use the databot.  So relax and scroll through a few pages of magnificent ideas from teachers and STEM lovers like you!  As you read, ask yourself, “What might I do with my own databot?” Read the rest of this entry »

Priming the Pump: Using Anticipatory Sets in Teaching about Electricity

by Roy Bentley and Ken Crawford

Madeline Hunter (1916–1994) was an American educator who developed a model for teaching and learning that was widely adopted by schools and is still used today.  Hunter believed that teachers made hundreds of decisions every day in their teaching.  Over time, she created a system to assist teachers in making those decisions.  She called her system “Instructional Theory into Practice.”  ITIP gives teachers concrete methods to improve their instruction.  You can use ITIP with any subject, including—in our case—teaching the basics of electricity.

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