Germ Discussion Starters

Discussion Starters - Educational Innovations NewsletterWhen the topic is germs, your teaching opportunities can expand in many directions—just like the droplet spread from a sneeze!

Not sure where to start?  Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

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You Said It! Germ Product Reviews

You Said It! Product Reviews - Educational Innovations NewsletterEducational Innovations’ Glo Germ demonstration kit has been a fixture in science and health classes for years.  Here’s what some of our customers are saying about our Glo Germ powder, lotion and kit.

“I’ve used this with elementary through high school students.  It really makes an impression!  Usually it takes about 3 or 4 hand washings before they get all of the ‘germs’ off their hands and fingernails, etc.  Seeing is believing!
          —Shelley in Stillwater, OK

Glo Germ“I have used the same kit for years; a little goes a long way.  Very good buy.  I used it to teach microbiology, anatomy, and forensic science.  It would be great for family and consumer science, too.”
Shelley in Stillwater, OK

“This product is amazing!  I used it with my middle school students and it completely captivated them to see that even after washing there hands they still had traces of germs between their fingers and in their nails.  It was a great way to start our germ unit and made them want to learn more.”
           —Jennifer in Grand Junction, CO

“Great for teaching infection to high school students. Just use the powder, not the lotion. Plant some on your hands as you shake the kids’ hands or on the classroom doorknob. Then shine the light and see where it has spread.”
Mary in Killeen, TX

“Works great under even the cheapest little UV flashlight. Really eye opening for kids when teaching how germs are spread or how ineffectively their hand washing are working. Worth the money as a little goes a long way.”
          —Sharon in Plymouth, MA


Germ Humor

Science Humor - Educational Innovations NewsletterGerms are everywhere.  We could say they’re nothing to sneeze at, but that would be a pretty lame joke.

Enjoy these jokes and comics, share them with your students.  Why not insert a few riddles into a quiz or homework page?  Extra credit points for students who guess the right punchline!

If you have a favorite germ-related cartoon or joke, insert it below as a comment, or email us at

Happy teaching!

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Germs in the News

Whether it’s the Ebola virus or more commonplace “bugs,” we often hear about germs in the news.  Check out this selection of noteworthy news items.

Good Morning America goes into a classroom to see how quickly germs can spread.  (Our Glo-Germ powder makes a cameo appearance!)

In November 2014, Dutch researchers reported that 10 seconds of kissing can translate into 80 million germs moving from one person to the other.

Dirt as a source for new antibiotics?  Huh?

Researchers have learned that bacteria can “communicate” with chemical signals.

What’s the germiest place in most homes?  That’s a good question… and the answers might surprise you and your students.

Has The Swine Flu Affected Your School? | Glo Germ Lotion

Tami O'Connor, Educational Innovationsby: Tami O’Connor

Is swine flu spreading like wildfire in your community? In my hometown of Redding, Connecticut, the high school’s homecoming dance and the Halloween parties at the elementary school were both canceled. The middle school social was also postponed until flu season is officially behind us.

What better time than now to teach your students about the benefits of proper hand washing techniques and how diseases are actually transmitted from one person to another? Educational Innovations carries a full line of products designed to help you educate your students about germ transmission and how best to reduce the spread of harmful microbes. Let Educational Innovations help you to keep your students more mindful of easy things they can do to stay healthy.

Glo GermGlo Germ is a fantastic product which safely and graphically demonstrates to students and adults alike how germs are spread.

Used throughout the United States in schools, hospitals and food services, Glo Germ consists of an odorless lotion or powder which glows brightly when exposed to ultraviolet light. This product is perfect for your health curriculum. Read the rest of this entry »