Teaching Electric Circuitry with the Electri-Putty Kit

linda-dunnavant-headshot-for-blogMy Electrical Secret

by Linda Dunnavant

I have a dirty little secret.  As a teacher, I have been asked to teach concepts that I don’t personally understand very well.  Electricity is one of those topics for me.

When I was a new teacher, I remember standing in front of a class of fifth graders and attempting to explain how circuits work.  Not only did I confuse my students with my explanation, I think I also confused myself!  I remember feeling embarrassed about my lack of understanding when it came to the topic of electricity, and like my students, I could have benefited from a hands-on approach to learning about electric circuitry.

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Electricity from Mud?! Introducing the MudWatt Kit

Electricity from Mud?! Educational Innovations BlogBy Nancy Foote

When a little kid comes up to you and asks you do science, it’s hard to say no.  But when you’re a science teacher, and that little kid is your granddaughter, you know you have to come up with something fast.

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Molding a Thermoplastic Polymer

Dr. Kenneth Lyle, Duke University Department of Chemistry

By Dr. Kenneth Lyle, Duke University, Durham NC and Elaine “Lainey” Williams


Molding a Thermoplastic Polymer - Educational Innovations BlogThermoplastic Polymers for All!

When thermoplastic polymer became available a couple of years ago, we purchased a bottle to see if it would be a viable addition to our chemistry outreach program.  Since then, literally hundreds of people, young and old, have experienced molding the thermoplastic, taking their creations home in Zip-loc® bags.

And now, with the availability of dyes, a whole new world of creative design has opened up.  The molding of a thermoplastic activity has been incorporated into our “Polymers” and “Chemistry of Crafts” hands-on outreach presentations, and has been used as a stand-alone station.

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Green Science Lesson

Lesson Ideas | Educational Innovations, Inc.Hands-on lessons make learning more interesting and engaging.  We found a delightful green science lesson that enables kids to look at green energy in a new way.  Not only can your students quantify the work that wind can do… they’ll design their own windmills using paper, string, some clips and a cup.

And who doesn’t love a windmill?

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Goldenrod Paper Does WHAT?!

Ted Beyer, Educational Innovations, Inc.by Ted Beyer

We love our customers, and not just because they help keep the lights on!  Educational Innovations’ customers share amazing things with us all the time.  In fact, some of our best products have been created as a result of our customers’ discoveries, suggestions, or requests.

Recently, we received a comment on our website regarding our color-changing goldenrod paper.  It prompted us to try a brand-new experiment that we think you’ll enjoy.

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