EI TV – Ultraviolet (UV) Light

EI TVThough invisible to the human eye, ultraviolet (UV) light has amazing properties.  Whether you’re teaching about the light spectrum, skin cancer awareness or forensic science, these video clips will grab your students’ attention and help you start a lively discussion.

If you come across a video you’d like us to add to this list, leave the URL in a comment below or write to us at socialmedia@teachersource.com.

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Ultraviolet Humor


While UV radiation may not be a laughing matter when it comes to skin damage, there’s nothing under the sun like a good joke to brighten your day.

Why not insert a bit of ultraviolet humor into your next quiz or homework page?  Extra points for students who guess the right punchlines to our riddles!

If you have a favorite cartoon or joke, insert it below as a comment, or email us at socialmedia@teachersource.com.

Happy teaching!

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Ultraviolet Light in the News

newsletternewswb-cropUltraviolet light is everywhere!  Every month, science makes new discoveries based on UV rays.  We’re still learning how our eyesight works, what UV rays can do to our skin, how UV radiation varies from planet to planet… and much more.

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You Said It! Ultraviolet Product Reviews


Even the youngest students are drawn to learning about the sun and—by extension—ultraviolet light.  Our line of UV products gets rave reviews from science teachers, artists, nursery schools, summer camps, skin cancer awareness fundraising groups… In other words, everyone under the sun!

Here’s what customers are saying about some of their favorite ultraviolet light materials.

If you have a favorite Educational Innovations product, let us know!  We’d love to share your review with your fellow teachers and science lovers.

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Are You Ready for Springtime Science?

by:  Priscilla Robinson

The bright days of spring can be a great kick off opportunity for seed planting and other fun activities that will keep students engaged in purposeful learning right up to the end of the school year.  Educational Innovations has plenty of hands-on products that fit right in with springtime scientific activities. It is not too late to germinate your students’ curiosity with planting seeds, feeding your local flock of feathered friends or playing with shadows. Get up and enjoy the warming weather!

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