Hey Now, You’re a Rock Star, Get Your Neuroscience On!

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by Donna Giachetti

Want to bring neuroscience, cyborgs, and mind control to your classroom? Watch our Backyard Brains webinar, Wire Me Up!  Neuroscience in the K-12 Classroom.



Our Neuroscience Webinar!

During our 30-minute free webinar, Will Wharton of Backyard Brains demonstrated how easy (and fun) it is to bring cutting-edge neuroscience into your K-12 classroom.  These experiments were once exclusive to expensive university labs.  No more!  The team at Backyard Brains has made this technology accessible to K-12 classrooms around the world.

Backyard Brains Neuroscience Webinar Backyard Brains kits are an affordable way for your students to perform genuine biofeedback experiments.  They’ll actually record data from their own nervous systems! Further, they’ll learn how we can better study the brain with the help of organisms, like the cockroach.

Who Is Backyard Brains?

We have been fans of Backyard Brains products for years now.  You can read some of our earlier blogs:

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Grant-Funded Neuroscience

Backyard Brains is no flash-in-the-pan science start up.  This brainy crew has ten years of product development and classroom experience.  Their work has been featured in over a dozen TED talks (over 50 million views), as well as various network television shows in the US, South America, and Europe!

Backyard Brains Neuroscience Webinar

Neuroscience for Kids, Really?

Every day, K-12 students perform fascinating research with these kits.  But the deeper learning doesn’t stop at science alone.  As Wharton explains, “Of course we aim to entertain, inspire, and educate with our tools.  But some of the most rewarding takeaways from our classroom work are unexpected.  We love seeing students’ social and emotional growth.  Understanding the basics of neuroscience can increase students’ empathy for mental or physical disorders.” 

His words are echoed by this testimonial from a Middle-School STEM teacher:

“What really affected them most during our journey with Backyard Brains neuroscience—and especially with the neuroprosthetics—were the lessons on empathy and understanding of things like disability, autism, ADHD, and epilepsy…  It’s amazing how much that really affected my kids.  Seeing the maturity they developed around others who could possibly have these neurological issues was really, really amazing.”

—Ms. Farkas 7th/8th STEM Teacher

Backyard Brains Neuroscience Webinar

Watch our Wire Me Up!  Neuroscience in the K-12 Classroom webinar to learn all about the different ways you can bring these experiences to your students.  We already know you’re super cool, but with Backyard Brains kits, you’ll guarantee your place as THE ROCK STAR science teacher at your school!


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