You Said It! Green Science Product Reviews

You Said It! Product Reviews - Educational Innovations NewsletterAt  Educational Innovations, we love green science all year long, not just on Earth Day!

With our planet’s fossil fuel resources becoming scarce and increasing global concerns over pollution, it’s more important than ever to explore alternative, renewable sources of energy.  One of the best ways to persuade people to “go green” is to make them realize how cool it is to rely on our sun, wind or water for energy.  That’s why we strive to choose green energy products that are educational… AND fun!  Read on for “organic” reviews from our customers.

If you have a favorite Educational Innovations product, send us a comment below!  We’d love to share your review with your fellow teachers and science lovers.

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Green Science Lesson

Lesson - Educational Innovations BlogHands-on lessons make learning more interesting and engaging.  We found a delightful green science lesson that enables kids to look at green energy in a new way.  Not only can your students quantify the work that wind can do… they’ll design their own windmills using paper, string, some clips and a cup.

And who doesn’t love a windmill?

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Alice in Scienceland

Donna Giachetti, Educational Innovationsby:  Donna Giachetti

We recently welcomed aboard a freelancer—let’s call her Alice—who comes from the world of Internet commerce.  As I wrote in an earlier blog (What It Means to Be a Teacher), many of Educational Innovations’ crew have previous experience in either teaching or science—or both.  We just love science, even on our days off.  So Alice is a rare fish in our cozy little pond.

Which is why we got such a kick out of her innocent comment during a recent phone conference.  “I’ve been looking around your website,” she said, “and boy, it was like falling down the rabbit hole of science!”

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