DIY Kaleidoscope

6769_100121036671012_100000193470961_521_4265928_nby: Norm Barstow When I was an Elementary Science Coordinator, I used to visit the five schools in my district and each year introduced the Pringles® Kaleidoscope as part of the Sound and Light unit. At that time I used microscope slides, and it became quite a challenge to have the students line up and tape nine slides to make the triangular prism.  Fortunately, Educational Innovations began to carry Kaleidoscope Mirrors (SM-3), thus making the task much easier.

Here is all you will need to build a Pringles® can DIY kaleidoscope in your classroom.


  • Supply of masking tape
  • Educational Innovations Kaleidoscope Mirrors (SM-3) (3 per student)
  • Pringles® cans and lids with a hole punched in the center bottom (metal part) of the can, using a large nail or drill.
  • Colorful butterfly pattern (included below) or other colorful patterns (cut to fit inside the plastic cap).  Though any colorful print on white paper should work, colorful patterns on clear acetate work best.
  • Supply of newspaper strips
  • Contact Paper or colored paper to cover the outside the Pringles® container


NOTE:    Test the length of the mirror inside the Pringles® can. It should not touch the cap of the Pringles can. It may be necessary for an adult to cut 1/8″ to 1/4″ off the mirrors using sharp scissors or a utility knife in order for it to fit inside the can with the cap on. 1.  Prepare the Pringles® can by punching a hole in the metal bottom of the can to serve as the eye piece. DIY Kaleidoscope   Read the rest of this entry »

Science Corner Investigation: Mirrors

Gordon Goreby: Gordon Gore

Mirror Investigation #1

You Need

2 small, flat plastic mirrors, with suitable vertical supports, 1 piece of plain white paper, letter size

What to Do

1. Hold the mirror vertically. Look into the mirror. Touch your right ear. Watch what the good-looking person in the mirror does. Which ear does he or she seem to touch?

2. Write your first name on a piece of paper. Look at your writing in the mirror. What is ‘unusual’ about what you see? Write your name so that it looks ‘right’ in the mirror.

ambulance3. Notice how AMBULANCE is written.  Why is it always written this way on the front of the emergency vehicle? Read the rest of this entry »