A Closer Look at Magnifiers

Educational Innovations Blog

By Donna Giachetti

So much of science depends upon observation and therefore, our power of sight.  But the most fascinating things are often those we cannot see without the help of magnifiers!

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Tips for Using the Private Eye Loupes

inman_liz_photoby Liz Inman

I first discovered The Private Eye Loupes when I borrowed a class set from a professor friend at the University of Kentucky.  I fell in love with them and so did my biology students!

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Picture This!

MARTY SAGENDORFPhotographing Science

by: Martin Sagendorf

It’s Easy:

To take neat photos of little things.

We Think:

That our digital cameras, web, and cell phone cameras can only take ‘life-size’ photos… but…

We’re Lucky:

These cameras can also photograph images provided by other optical devices…

Such As:

Microscopes and spectrographs.


These devices provide collimated images (i.e. focused at infinity) and an ordinary digital camera device can photograph these images.

The Images:

Are much smaller than ‘full frame’ – a photo-handling program is an absolute necessity – to enlarge and enhance the images.  For the camera images shown, the camera used is a Panasonic DMC-TZ4.

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