CSI on a Shoestring

Michelle Bertkeby:  Michelle Bertke

Would you love to teach forensics and crime scene investigation but cannot afford the kits offered?  Don’t worry!  Many products at Educational Innovations can be used together to make your own CSI kit and crime scene examination at an affordable price.

CSI FingerprintsCSI Fingerprints

One of the most common tasks of a crime scene investigator is to check the scene for fingerprints.  Analyzing a student’s fingerprints can be as simple as one, two, three!

One, collect an ink pad, a balloon, and a willing student.

Two, have the student firmly press one finger to the ink pad and then firmly press that finger onto a deflated balloon (down and up, don’t smear).

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Glo Germ Powder

John Fedorsby: John Fedors

As infants become aware of their surroundings, fingers, toes, toys, pacifiers and other objects that can be handled, always end up in their mouths. It’s no wonder that parents become first fascinated, then concerned, and eventually oblivious for it seems almost everything ends up being “tasted”.

Alertness, curiosity, and fascination inspire investigation, which begins at an early age. Teachers encourage this direction and take advantage of it. Repetition of this experience should be reinforced and developed to become habitual. Children come to recognize, “It Makes Sense” .

Did you wash your hands? How many times have we heard this? How many times do we “forget”? This simple, though important task, must be difficult to instill, for so many fail to perform it.

We are continually reminded during our early lives and even as adults, that hand-washing must be difficult or of low priority, because we so often forget. It would seem that demonstrating the effectiveness of using soap and water should be encouraged!

Glo Germ powderThe use of Glo Germ powder may help to develop this habit.

When I mention this to teachers, most are aware of its uses, but many are not. Some teachers are aware because the school nurse or health teacher has demonstrated it in their class, then it is forgotten. Teachers have multiple opportunities to demonstrate and reinforce this awareness.

Glo-Germ is a nontoxic product, which simulates a microorganism. This product is not easily visible but fluoresces when exposed to UV light. It is used in hospitals, fast food chains, and schools to demonstrate the effectiveness of hand washing.

Suggested Uses or Demonstrations for Glo Germ powder:

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