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EI TV - Educational Innovations BlogWhy would someone want to become an engineer?  What do engineers do?  Videos are a great way to answer these questions.  If you’ve enjoyed videos on this topic, please share them with us!

A Crash Course in Engineering

A nice little video that sums up what engineering is all about.

What Is Engineering?

Engineering explained—from mobile phones to the the world’s tallest building, plus computer games, airplanes and toothpaste.

What Would You Invent?

Flying cars, Earth-sized atmospheric filters, quick access to clean water, phones with holograms, and more! Who can make these things happen? Engineers!  Share this inspirational video from the National Science Foundation.

Engineering You Can Sit On!

Every day, it seems, someone comes up with a new gizmo that changes our ideas about what is possible.  One of the most exciting aspects of engineering is the ability to see old problems in a new way.  Have you ever seen a chair that reduces waste, is easy to ship and is “built” in less than 15 seconds?  We’re impressed.  More information here.

Young Engineers at Work

PBS’s series Zoom has dozens of articles, lessons and videos highlighting young engineers.  We highly recommend their site.  Among the many videos we enjoyed is the story of Lauren, a young girl who invented a collapsible lacrosse stick.  There’s also a video of Jason, who invented a couch protector to keep his dogs off the couch.  Brilliant!  Each one comes with support material, discussion questions and NGSS standard correlations.  Enjoy!



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