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Forensic Science Videos - Educational Innovations BlogMany TV shows, movies and podcasts highlight forensic science.  However, not all shows depict this fascinating field accurately.  Watching the videos here, your students will learn about the history of DNA testing… CSI career choices… and more.  Get a “clue” about how toxicology and chemistry have changed this field.  Among other things, these videos will probably give you something to consider the next time you’re watching television.

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Using DNA Fingerprinting to Identify a Criminal


The REAL Science of Forensics


CSI and the Scientific Method


Hollywood’s CSI Myths


Want to Become a Crime Scene Investigator?

It’s wonderful when students get interested in a subject that might possibly turn into a future career—especially a career in science!


What Do Forensic Scientists DO?


DNA Testing in the World of Forensics

Early Crime-Solving Chemists

We often take forensic science for granted these days.  After all, it’s been around all our lives.  But how were crimes solved before the advent of forensics?  What methods are still the same?  We know we’ve advanced in this field, but have we also taken any steps backward?  Watch this TED Talk and find out!  Deborah Blum is the author of The Poisoner’s Handbook.  She tells an especially wonderful tale.


What Is Chromatography?

This is especially relevant for chemistry students, but it’s a great, short video for anyone.  Our Chromatography Filter Paper is perfect if you want to perform this in class.


More CSI ideas…

Visit our Who Did It? section.  It’s full of CSI-themed science.  Further, why not review our Forensic Science Newsletter?  It’s free!  Are you curious about which forensic science products our customers prefer?  Click here!


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