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Forensic Science Videos - Educational Innovations BlogThere are so many television shows dedicated to forensic science.  Some are pure Hollywood, while others offer a more accurate exploration of how forensic pathologists and toxicologists spend their days.  Here you’ll find a selection of clips we think your students will enjoy—brief samplings related to the history of DNA testing, CSI career choices, how toxicology changed the landscape of criminal investigations, and more.

If you have a video clip on forensic science, please share with us in the comments section below.

How Is DNA Fingerprinting Used to Identify a Criminal?


Looking at the REAL Science of Forensics


Crime Scene Investigations and the Scientific Method


Looking at the Myths of CSI on TV and in Hollywood


How to Become a Crime Scene Investigator


What Do Forensic Scientists Actually DO?


How DNA Testing Changed the World of Forensics


Early Crime-Solving Chemists

In a CSI age, we take forensic science for granted.  Yet New York did not have a medical examiner or toxicologist until 1918!  The toxicologist’s eventual arrival changed the landscape of crime investigation forever. This TED Talk by Deborah Blum—author of The Poisoner’s Handbook—is a terrific yarn about how turn-of-the-century crimes were solved with chemistry.


A Simple Overview of Chromatography




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