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This edition of IN THE NEWS is a bit different from our other newsletters.  We usually share articles about fresh science discoveries— advances in scientific research, breathtaking new photos of our universe, the discovery of a new deep ocean species… any sort of remarkable scientific event you might enjoy discussing with your students.

But this time, for our Back-to-School edition, we’ve dedicated our news search to you, the teacher.  Whether you’re teaching elementary science or advanced physics, these are thought-provoking pieces that you might decide to share with a colleague… just as we are!

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EI TV – Back to School Videos!

EI TV - Educational Innovations BlogWe’re all a little sad to see the summer vacation end, but we’re also revved up in anticipation of what this new year will hold.

The beginning of a school year is a perfect time to consider fresh ways to inspire and motivate your students to explore and learn on their own.

If you come across back to school videos you’d like us to add to our EI TV channel, leave the URL in a comment below or write to us at

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Flipping the Science Classroom

Linda Dunnavantby: Linda Dunnavant

What is the “flipped classroom”?

If you are an educator, chances are you’ve heard the phrase “flipping the classroom” being thrown around.  We know that trends come and go in education about as often as front runners for the Republican presidential nomination.  While I think we should be wary of jumping onto every pedagogical bandwagon that comes along, it is becoming clear that flipping the classroom is a worthwhile idea with staying power.

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Summer Science Fun in the Dark

Priscilla Robinson, Educational Innovationsby:  Priscilla Robinson

Recently, on a warm summer evening, I did something special with my three-year-old grandson.  At 8 PM, little Henry was still full of energy, having had a late nap.  I decided to use that to my advantage.  We ventured outside to enjoy the setting sun with the twilight of oncoming darkness. My bag was packed with a blanket, some bottles of water, two headlamps, and a few special summer science surprises from Educational Innovations. Henry was delighted to have an outing instead of being hustled up to bed, so off we went—down the block to our local elementary schoolyard.

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