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Educational Innovations Newsletter - EI TVWe’re all a little sad to see the summer vacation end, but we’re also revved up in anticipation of what this new year will hold.

The beginning of a school year is a perfect time to consider fresh ways to inspire and motivate your students to explore and learn on their own.

If you come across back to school videos you’d like us to add to our EI TV channel, leave the URL in a comment below or write to us at socialmedia@teachersource.com.

Can’t start the new school year without a pep talk, right?


Starting with four basic questions (that you may be surprised to find you can’t answer), Jonathan Drori looks at the gaps in our knowledge—and specifically, what we don’t about science that we might think we do.  His “What We Think We Know” TED talk is a must-see for all science teachers.

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This clever Back to School commercial makes us wonder what it would be like to have a science classroom—or suite—like this one.  Consider sharing this with your students on the first day of school.  It might be a great way to break the ice… but then again, they may want to go shopping afterward!

(We promise, we’re not trying to sell you any sneakers but if you like the DNA model on the teacher’s desk, we can hook you up.)



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