How to Make Goldenrod Paper

Tami O'Connorby: Tami O’Connor

Gone But Not Forgotten

Goldenrod PaperMany years ago at Educational Innovations we had heard rumors that our wonderful goldenrod paper that served as an easy to find indicator paper was being discontinued for environmental reasons.  If you haven’t seen it before, it is was a golden-yellow paper that turned a deep red when it came in contact with a base like washing soda or Windex®.  The process was reversed if an acid such as vinegar was sprayed on the paper.

Apparently, because the fibers in the paper were saturated with golden colored dye, Goldenrod paper was not able to be recycled.  In the process of turning the paper back into a pulpy mixture, the golden dye would color all the other paper pulp that was also being recycled.  Think of it as the bright red shirt in a washing machine filled with whites…

Knowing that shortly it would be impossible to find, and also knowing that teachers around the world loved this paper, Educational Innovations bought up as much as we could feasibly fit in our warehouse.  Some five years later, we finally ran out, and we had not been able to find a supplier for it.

Since it is still referenced in many science journals, we have decided that teachers might be interested in making their own goldenrod paper to use with their students.

(Update Aug. 2015 – Goldenrod Paper is back!  You can still make it if you like, however if you want to purchase it, please use this link.)

 How to Make Goldenrod Paper –

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