The Chemistry of Silver Tarnish

Ted BeyerEvery Dark Spoon has a Silver Lining – Using Chemistry on Silver Tarnish

by: Ted Beyer

The holidays have just passed, and for most people, part of the celebration involves getting out the “good” china and flatware to set a festive table. Like most people, I have a few pieces of silver and silver plate that don’t get a lot of use, but are nice to use on special occasions. Thing is, over time, silver tarnishes – it turns dark, and if allowed to continue long enough, it turns black. So out comes the polish and you get to spend all kinds of time polishing it. And with silver plated items, if you do that often enough, eventually, you will polish the silver completely off!

chemistry silver tarnish

Tarnished Silver Platter-2

But wait – science will come to the rescue!

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