Shark Teeth

Laurie Neilsenby Laurie Neilsen

In honor of The Discovery Channel’s Shark Week, here are some common questions asked about shark teeth, and some meaty facts to sink your teeth into.

Q. Why are some shark teeth black and others are tan?

A. The color of a fossil shark tooth is dependent upon the sediment in which it settled. As minerals slowly replace the calcium in the tooth, it changes to the color of the minerals. Color does not necessarily indicate age in a shark tooth fossil. It usually indicates the region from which the tooth was collected. Our Fossil Shark Teethfossilized shark teeth are collected from Morocco.

Q. Then how old are these fossil shark teeth?

A. It’s hard to say. A shark tooth takes approximately 10,000 years to become a true fossil. These teeth could be as much as a few million years old! Read the rest of this entry »