Spooky Science Discussion Starters

Educational Innovations Newsletter - Discussion StartersTalk about sure-fire discussion starters!  Halloween is a prime time for demonstrations that will leave your students dazzled, curious… and maybe just a wee bit scared.  Even your most reluctant learners will be excited to find how what’s going on with these spooky science demos.  What we refer to as “discrepant events,” they might simply call AWESOME!  We like to think of it as going from Wow!! to How??

If you have a favorite spooky science lesson or activity, please share it with us at socialmedia@teachersource.com.

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EI TV – Spooky Science!

Educational Innovations Newsletter - EI TVWe love talking about science all year long, but the Halloween season gives us an extra reason to celebrate the countless ways that our lives are touched by science.  Whether we’re looking up at the stars or down at our toes, there is always something amazing to learn.

In honor of this MONSTROUS time of year, we’ve selected a few video clips related to spooky science.  These videos will grab your students’ attention and help you start a lively discussion.

If you come across a spooky science video you’d like us to add to this list, leave the URL in a comment below or write to us at socialmedia@teachersource.com.

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Ghost Eyeballs | Growing Spheres

Norman Barstowby: Norman Barstow

Educational Innovations’ Growing Spheres can be used to add a note of ‘horror’ to your classroom or home Halloween experience.  Once fully expanded, Growing Spheres have an index of refraction almost identical to that of water. This means that when the Growing Spheres are placed in water, they are nearly invisible.

Growing SpheresMaterials:

  • A large (2 qt or larger) translucent plastic storage container and lid.
  • Growing Spheres : GB-730 (these are the size used for the photos)
  • Water
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