Using Growing Spheres for 3D Modeling

Using Growing Spheres for 3D Modeling - Educational Innovations Blogby Jen Donaldson

In my classroom, I’ve devised two new uses for Growing Spheres which help students have a better grasp on some otherwise complicated science concepts.  

These small spheres are a wonderful way to make the invisible VISIBLE—in three dimensions!

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Using Gigantic Growing Spheres to Illustrate an Aspect of Rainbow Formation

Gordon R. Goreby: Gordon R. Gore
BIG Little Science Centre

Educational Innovations has a new product called Gigantic Growing Spheres (Catalogue #GB-760) which physics teachers might find useful for illustrating internal reflection. These are a very large version (about 6 cm) of the Growing Spheres (also called Jelly Balls) discussed in earlier issues of BIGScience*.

Basic Equipment Needed

1 green* laser pointer (* works much better than red)

1 fully grown ‘Giant Growing Sphere’ (about 6 cm diameter)


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