Sound and Waves Lesson

Lesson - Educational Innovations BlogTeaching about sound is so much fun!   It’s a concept that even the youngest learners can understand.

There are so many ways to introduce the topic—from waves and amplitude to sonic booms or quantum physics!  Below you will find one of our favorite introductory lessons.  Use it with students of any age to present the idea that sound is, essentially, a result of air molecules vibrating.

If you come across any lessons you’d like to share, please leave us a comment below!

Click here or on the graphic below for a PDF copy of this Educational Innovations’ activity, “Let’s Make Some Noise!”

Educational Innovations Sound Lesson

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  1. Joanna Shubin says:

    You want to have some real fun with sound. Start a kazoo band.Mozart wrote music for one and some big rock bands have used them.

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