How Electricity Works: An Animated Guide

by Arthur Murray

Electricity is everywhere!  If you’ve ever experienced a power outage, you know how important this form of power is for our daily life. From brewing our morning coffee to keeping our smart phones charged, electricity is all around us.  It’s the spark of lightning during a thunderstorm or that tiny shock when you touch a doorknob.

Most of us remember Benjamin Franklin’s famous kite experiment.  We learned that he was the founder of electricity.  But did you know recorded discoveries of electric charge go as far back as 600 BC?  That’s when the Greeks discovered that rubbing amber against animal fur created what we now call static cling!

How does electricity work?

We’ve boiled down the science for you with the animation below.  Take a look and share it with your students!  This infographic covers many of the areas associated with electricity.  Next time you power up your car or give a loved one a hug, remember:  it’s all electricity at work!

How Electricity Works - An Animated Guide | Educational Innovations Blog

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Educational InnovationsHow Electricity Works - An Animated Guide | Educational Innovations Blog is proud to offer a wide range of products to help you teach electricity.

Build parallel and series circuits with our Squishy Circuits dough kits.  Retrace Edison’s steps with our Build Your Own Light Bulb kit.  Experiment with static electricity.  Explore trends in Alternative or Green Energy.

Whatever you choose, we have the tools to “light up” your students!

For more resources on this essential science topic, check out our Electricity Newsletter.  You’ll find blogs, discussion starters, videos, and even electrical humor to share with your students.  Enjoy!

2021 UPDATE:  Check out this infographic on how wind turbines can power eco-friendly living!

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