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EI TV - Educational Innovations BlogCertain things need to be seen to be believed.  Two guys playing soccer in a pool filled with slime—without sinking!— is certainly in that category.  Enjoy our collection of educational (and entertaining) videos about non-Newtonian fluids.  We think you’ll want to share them with your students.  Who knows, maybe you’ll build your OWN pool of slime!  If you come across an interesting video on slime, oobleck, or other gooey substances, please share with us in the comments section below.

If you think oobleck is all for fun, consider this:  Polish scientists have developed a non-Newtonian fluid so effective that when implemented in body armor, it can not only stop a bullet, but it will also prevent the shock wave from causing potentially lethal internal damage.  Other applications include car bumpers and highway road barriers.  Take a look!

Ever see someone walk across a pool filled with custard?  Here’s your chance.

If walking through custard (or slime) isn’t impressive enough, how about riding a bike through oobleck?  These folks gave it a try.

Non-Newtonian fluid is amazing at any speed – but in slow motion, it’s even MORE astonishing!

And this is our favorite of all the “What can you do in a pool of oobleck?” videos we’ve seen:

Why is ketchup so hard to pour?  The answer is…

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  1. karla says:

    Thanks. I really like the videos that you found for slime and density. Kids will like them.

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