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EI TV - Educational Innovations BlogIt can be difficult for students to understand density.  It’s not as simple as saying that something is heavy or light…  Able to float or sink…  So how can we explain this to young minds?

No worries—we’ve collected some videos that will help you clarify some of the basics about density with your class.  If you know of a video we should include here, please let us know in the comments!

Calculating D = M ÷ V

This video is a wonderful, quick reminder of how to calculate density.  Share it with your students.

Water vs. Ice

Any hockey fans among your students?  You’ll want to share this special report on the NHL and the science behind their ice rinks.  If your students didn’t already know that ice is less dense than water, this video will make sure they never forget!

NHL ice density video

Death by Density?

This entertaining video explains what death by lava should really look like in Hollywood movies if the rules of science were properly followed.

5 Quick Facts

A short, easy-to-follow video explaining some basics about density.

Float or Sink?

This video from Study.com quickly explains how to figure out whether something will sink or float.


6 Responses to EI TV – Density Videos!

  1. Juan Pedro says:

    thank you for your newsletters and lessons! They are very useful for teaching Science in an attractive way. Students enjoy a lot

  2. John Penna says:

    Density was always a fascination for me.

    In my chemistry class, I did a series of ten density demos in one period. The students loved it but it was quite a fast moving act. No answers were given. It was the challenge for them to learn the answers over the year. Hopefully to create ‘ahah moments’ that they would be able to explain the phenomenon.

    The school newspaper picked up on the excitement and wrote and article entitled

    Mr. Penna Demonstrates Denisity

    • Tami O'Connor says:

      Keeping kids interested can be a struggle at times, so having something that keeps them hooked is wonderful! If you would like to share your density demo presentation, we would be happy to publish it on our blog to help other teachers.


  3. VideoPortal says:

    I placed a rush order for materials needed for a conference workshop presentation a week later. I received an email guaranteeing the arrival of the order. It arrived on time and as promised! I love the quality of Educational Innovations products but love the customer service even more!!

    • Tami O'Connor says:

      Thank you for leaving this comment! We are always happy to hear when our customers have a good experience!

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