You Said It! Density Product Reviews

You Said It! Product Reviews - Educational Innovations NewsletterWhenever we attend a science convention, we bring plenty of density demos.  They are invariably among our best showstoppers!  There is something wonderfully confounding—and compelling—about watching a (seemingly) heavy object float against our expectations, or seeing (seemingly) identical beads travel in separate directions.  This curiosity is the heart of why discrepant events are so valuable to educators.

Is it magic?  No, it’s density!

Is your favorite Educational Innovations‘ density product on this list?  If not, write to us in the comments below and let us know what we forgot!

Poly Density Kit

Density Product Reviews - Educational Innovations BlogThis density demonstration is great!  There are multiple lessons that can be taught with this one demonstration, and kids just love looking at it over and over. The color changes in the white beads with UV light, a bonus a found out when I happened to put it in the windowsill! Solutions and mixtures can be taught as well, in addition to density. Great deal!

—Sharon of Ann Arbor, MI United States

Density Sphere Experiment KitDensity Product Reviews - Educational Innovations Blog

Easy to use & fun!  This kit comes with everything (except the liquids) that’s needed to help students understand the density of liquids. I use it as a demo in my high school level classes. It’s large enough to make the point, but small enough to not waste a ton of liquids—therefore making it repeatable and not $$.

—Donna Brown of Hoschton, GA

Giant PumiceDensity Product Reviews - Educational Innovations Blog

I purchased my original piece of giant pumice back about 6 years ago. We are still so pleased with it that we are purchasing a second piece so that we can make a second set of program supplies. It is a “must have” for talking about igneous rocks.

—JB of Cincinnati, OH

Mixture Separation Challenge

Density Product Reviews - Educational Innovations BlogMy students enjoyed this experiment. It’s a great way to show how you can used a liquid to separate plastic of different densities.  Some of my students found the last separation to be difficult because they would not take the time to allow the salt to dissolve into solution!  Therefore, it was a good reminder of taking time to correctly perform experiments and get repeatable results!

—Donna Brown of Hoschton, GA

 Steel Sphere Density KitSummer science product reviews - Educational Innovations Blog

Excellent demonstration and investigation into density. The difference in the spheres’ sizes provides a wonderful investigation and is thought provoking and concept builder.  Get it, you won’t regret it.

—Ken Pinkerton  of Fortuna, CA

 Viscosity of Oil TubesDensity Product Reviews - Educational Innovations Blog

No more cleaning out the honey and corn oil from graduated cylinders! These handy, easy to use tubes make a great ‘chemistry station’ where students can explore the concept of viscosity. Time the drop of the metal ball and plot it on a graph – now your students are doing science!

—Connie Goochee of Philadelphia, PA

Speed of the Bubble Tube SetSpeed of the Bubble Tube Set

These tubes were great to use in a variety of measurement labs. The constant speed of the bubbles rising in the various tubes allowed for us to practice finding precise measurements and calculate speed, acceleration, etc.

—Chris Leverington of Gilbert, AZ

Colors in Motionden425

I have used this as a “warm up” activity for 2 years now with my 7th graders during our density unit. Students love watching it and are pleased that they can describe how it works!

—K. Evans of Falmouth, MA

 Cartesian Diversions

Density Product Reviews - Educational Innovations BlogThis video has catapulted my classes into a wonderful and creative week long Cartesian Diver project.  Students learn, firsthand, through trial and error, about density and buoyancy and are rewarded with a take home project of their Cartesian Diver.

—Karina Junge of Eureka, CA United States

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