You Said It! Summer Science Product Reviews

You Said It! Product Reviews - Educational Innovations Newsletter If we tried to include all the reviews for all our products that are fun to use in the summer, well… the list would be well over 300 products long!   We’ve winnowed it down to our Top Ten favorite summer science products.  Below you’ll learn more about some of our all-time favorite outdoor science materials, and get honest reviews from real teachers and parents.

Is your favorite Educational Innovations‘ product on this list?  If not, write to us in the comments below and let us know what we forgot!

Solar TubeSolar Tube - Educational Innovations

What a great way to end a year of Physical Science! This super fun rising tube ties together so many concepts studied throughout our 8th grade year – molecular motion, thermodynamics, density, absorption of light/heat (have a white garbage bag for comparison), competing forces, polymers, mass and volume calculations, Bernoulli’s Principle (when filling), etc. Not many inexpensive class items can facilitate this much student engagement! Bonus feature: younger students who see you use the Solar Tube with your classes will find you very cool and will want to be in your class next year.

—Maureen Horne of Pleasant Hill, CA

Science Fair Product Reviews - Educational Innovations BlogUltraviolet Detecting Beads

The ultra violet beads are a great hit for our sun safety sessions during Safety Day each spring. The children, K-5, love threading them on pipe cleaners and wear as bracelets to remind them to protect themselves against the dangerous rays of the sun.

—Jane Ryan of Waterloo, IA

Home Science LabIntroducing the Home Science Lab - Educational Innovations Blog

It’s fun, a great family activity, and educational, too. They both feel like scientists when they go through the activities and experiments. Thank you for creating such a great product and delivering it to our door each month!

—Tanya of Southbury, CT

Lots of Bots | ScooterBots - Educational Innovations BlogScooterBots

 These little guys are so cute! The kids just loved experimenting with all the different ways they could change the bots to move in different directions. Lots of great learning went on in my classroom!

—Kyle of Phoenix, AZ

Rocket BalloonsRocket Balloons

These are fine for aiding the instruction of Newton’s third law of motion. Gets students on their feet and creates a memorable way for them to remember action and reaction.

—Michael Thuot of Sandia Park, NM

Fossil Sorting Kit

Fossil Sorting KitUsed this product for a 4th grade class covering rocks and minerals. I made fossil digs with aluminum pans, sand, and pebbles and added the fossils to them. The kids had s great time looking for the fossils and had to sort through the pebbles to distinguish between the fossils and pebbles then identified them in the id sheet. There were some fossils in the set that were difficult to distinguish, but the whole project and product worked out very well.

—Paula of Jacksonville, FL

Summer science product reviews - Educational Innovations BlogSunspotter Solar Telescope

This is the greatest tool ever. Students have the opportunity to see sunspots not just through discussion, but through observation. My students can observe, construct a table, and collect data. Wonderful tool!!!!

—Cherry Willoughby of Green Sea, SC

RobotiKitGreen Science Product Reviews | Educational Innovations Blog

These little critters can move!  I purchased the grasshopper and car for my nephews and the boys where so amazed at how the sunlight turned them on and off…and when they were on, how fast they moved.  Fun!!

—Deb of Middlebury, VT

Summer science product reviews - Educational Innovations BlogSound Tubes

Kids love it. It is easy to show the affect changing frequency has on pitch and it is so inexpensive I don’t mind letting the kids play with it. Good with any grade level.

—Amy of Madison, AL

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