Ultraviolet Humor


While UV radiation may not be a laughing matter when it comes to skin damage, there’s nothing under the sun like a good joke to brighten your day.

Why not insert a bit of ultraviolet humor into your next quiz or homework page?  Extra points for students who guess the right punchlines to our riddles!

If you have a favorite cartoon or joke, insert it below as a comment, or email us at socialmedia@teachersource.com.

Happy teaching!


Can’t forget the sun when we’re joking about UV light!

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Q:  What happens if you leave your Barbie out in the sun too long?
A:  She gets Barbie-cued!


Variation #2 – It’s a SUN BLOCK (get it?)

UV ultraviolet light humor


Q:  Why do bananas wear sunscreen?
A:  Because they peel!


A word to the wise…UV ultraviolet light humor



Q:  Why didn’t the sun go to college?
A:  Because it had a million degrees!


copyright www.CartoonStock.com(c) CartoonStock.com



UV ultraviolet light humor



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