No-Pop Bubbles!

Ron Perkins, Educational Innovationsby Ron Perkins

At first glance No-Pop Bubbles may seem like any other bubbles.  While the bubble solution is a bit more viscous, one blows No-Pop Bubbles like any other bubble.  The small bubble wand suspends a bubble film which, when air is blown through it, releases small bubbles into the air.

These bubbles, however, are no ordinary bubbles.  No-Pop Bubble solution begins as a regular soap and water bubble solution.  Added to this solution is a small amount of a non-toxic water soluble polymer.  When No-Pop Bubbles are first blown, the bubbles behave like ordinary bubbles.  As the water evaporates from the bubble’s surface, however, an extremely thin plastic ‘bubble skeleton’ remains.  It is this plastic bubble skeleton which has the properties for which No-Pop Bubbles are named.

No-Pop BubblesBlow No-Pop Bubbles up into the air.  Observe the colors (interference patterns) in the bubbles as they float.  In approximately 10 seconds (depending on the relative humidity) the colors in the bubbles will begin to disappear.  When the bubble are colorless, they may be caught on your finger without popping!

Try This!

Blow up an ordinary latex balloon.  Then blow a bunch of No-Pop Bubbles into the air.  While the bubbles are ‘drying’, rub the balloon vigorously on your hair in order to develop a static charge.  Use the charged balloon to attract the No-Pop Bubbles.

Observe how the bubbles behave before and after they are in contact with the charged balloon.  Experiment with other static sources, rods or Van de Graaf generators, etc.  The Static Shocker is perfect for this activity!

After your bubbles have hardened bring your charged Static Shocker close to your bubbles.  Watch what happens as the bubbles get closer to the Static Shocker!

Blow No-Pop Bubbles outside, next to your school building on a windy day.  Observe how the bubbles float and fly in the air currents as the wind blows around the building.  See if you can find mini-tornadoes of air!

The activities you can do with these little bubbles are endless!  You’ll find yourself blowing them and enjoying their soothing properties!  Get your No-Pop Bubbles today at Educational Innovations!

6 Responses to No-Pop Bubbles!

  1. michelle white says:

    Your website and articles are phenomenal!

  2. edaurdo rukos says:

    Are the bubbles toxic or safe for kids in case of ingestion???

  3. Tamaran Underwood says:

    Does the product leave stains/spots on clothes or furniture?

    • Tami O'Connor says:

      It leaves a little plastic film that can be rubbed off. When the liquid evaporates, it leaves the plastic sphere behind.

  4. - says:

    found this page a 1:30 am when i woke up and had a nostalgic flashback to using these bubbles i got from a science museum when i was like 4. and i had to find the exact bubbles. i remember using these. i’m an adult now- that’s all

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