Experimenting with Our Electricity Kit

Donna Giachetti, Educational InnovationsBy:  Donna Giachetti

A Lesson on Electricity… with Elmo

Even babies understand the difference between ON and OFF.  After mastering peek-a-boo, turning a switch on and off is one of a toddler’s favorite games.  What will happen if I press here?  Where did that light come from?  Who made that noise?  Something nearly always happens when a button is pushed, and it leaves children wanting to know more.  At least that’s how it went in my house.  My son wasn’t satisfied squeezing Tickle Me Elmo’s belly to hear the little guy giggle.  He soon figured out how to switch Elmo on-off-on-off so rapidly that the poor fuzzball appeared to have a bad case of the hiccups.

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